Treatment Designer and Creative Assistant

As a treatment designer and creative assistant I work with directors from briefing to post-production, helping in the development of the scripts, camera, sound and overall aesthetics. I collaborated with directors such as CANADA, Carlos Lopez Estrada (Raya and the Last Dragon), MANSON, Miguel Campaña, Douglas Bernardt, Truman&Cooper, Nono Ayuso, The Fridman Sisters, Francisco Paparella, Felipe Mansur, Vellas, Robert Llauró, Maureen Hufnagel and others. Here's some of the works I was a part of.

Expedia - Plates | dir. Lope Serrano aka CANADA

Burger King - Not From Us | dir. Nono Ayuso

McDonald's — Wraps | dir. Fridman's Sister

Heinz At Home | dir. Felipe Mansur

Nike — I Never Ask for a Doll | dir. Fridman's Sisters

Bitso - Manifesto | dir. Robert Llauro

Jeep | dir. Felipe Mansur
VW | dir. Irmãs Fridman 

O Boticário | dir. Felipe Mansur    +55 11 99246 8284